Welcome to InvoiceQuest!

Print invoices from Excel workbooks in seconds, without installing and learning new software!
Just in three simple steps, without learning and writing complicated macros :)

Choose a template

Upload Excel sheet

Download/Print invoices

Or, if you need a custom solution, let us know. We develop apps for web, mobile and desktop.

Few tips before you start

  1. Make sure that all the fields in the first row in your Excel sheet has all the cells like in the sample template sheet, even if there are no data in it.
  2. Don't put special characters in the name of your Excel workbook, the app may get confused.
  3. Write me through the contact form, if it doesn't work for you, I will try to help you out.

How it works

First, click the "Print Invoices", or "Try it out" buttons, than you can download the excel sheet template, where you will copy your data. The template has fixed columns names, which are expected by the application.
After pasting the data, you can upload the excel and get the invoices in PDF, Word, or Excel format.
You can repeat the process as you need.

How to fill out the template workbook

First, on the left side you will have your company data, address and phone/email, depends on you.

Then more to the right, you copy paste the customers name and address. If there are multiple items for one customer, just keep repeating name and address (doesn't matter even on which lines), the application will create one invoice for that customer.

In the "CustomField1Title" you enter the name of the column for "CustomField1" - it is expecting text, in "Amount1Title" you can enter the name of the column with "Amount1" values.

Finally you can enter extra charges, or discounts.

Or change the currency/numbers format, if needed.

You can automate the process of copying and pasting by using vba expressions, or macros.

If this template doesn't work for you, you can contact me via the contact form, I may create another customized template for you.